What is YOUR plan to create wealth and live the lifestyle you want?

How do you sort through all the noise and make smart decisions regarding investments, taxes, real estate, insurance and debt?
How do you escape the rat race and truly create financial independence on an accelerated timeline?
How can you FINALLY feel confident and have peace of mind knowing you are making the most of your money?

Watch this quick Client Case Study to see why my approach works


These custom crafted plans for my Premium 1-on-1 Coaching Clients cost $7,500 or more. Trouble is, I have limited capacity and that cost is out of reach for many...

So, I created the Financial Freedom Blueprint course to guide you on your wealth building journey for a fraction of the cost.

Get Lifetime Access for a one-time Payment of $1,497
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Check Out These Testimonials

Jordan & Ashley

"Having that coach and mentorship there and the ability to be candid around finances is something that's kind of a breath of fresh air. It's been nice to have somebody to lean on with our own thoughts and get really specific guidance we can act on."


"After (working with you) I was very clear, I followed through on what we had planned because I was excited about it. I saw a huge ROI afterwards, it was definitely worth what I put in times 3 at least. When I took action on this, I saw huge benefits and big opportunities I wasn't able to see before because I took action."

Greg & Morgan

"Unless you are an expert in financial matters, unless you have all the time in the world to do the study to make the best decisions for yourself possible, then you need some help, you need some expertise and certainly for us, Dave's been the guy."
Get Lifetime Access for a one-time Payment of $1,497
Get Lifetime Access for 3 Monthly Payments of $499

Explore The Course

I've taken the process I used with my private clients and set it up so ANYBODY can craft their own custom plan and finally feel confident with their money. This is everything you wish they would have taught you in school

This section lays the foundation for the whole plan. You'll discover:

- The 4 most common money identities and which one you are...

- How emotions dictate your finances and how to overcome it...

- The best ways for sorting out disagreements with your spouse...

There are many routes to Financial Freedom. You'll discover:

- How to overcome paralysis by analysis...

- The biggest mistakes people make when seek passive income...

- The true difference between stocks, real estate, and business ownership, and how to get started in each...

Protection against loss gets more important as your wealth grows. You'll discover:

- What types and amount of insurance you need, and what you don't...

- How to structure your Will and Trust to take care of your family just in case...

- How to create security moat around you so you can take bigger risks...

The tax code can feel extremely complex. I'll simplify it and you'll discover:

- The secrets the wealthy use to pay such low tax rates...

- How you can use the tax code to your advantage...

- The real long-term impact that being tax efficient has on your wealth...

This course is meant to be shared with those you care about. I would rather share the profits with you than Google or Facebook for ads:

- For every person you refer to the course that signs up, you'll receive $250

- The person you refer will also receive $250 off of the regular price

- You'll get a custom app so that referring people to the course is frictionless

Access custom worksheets and excel documents that help you:

- Understand how much money you need to hit financial freedom

- Balance saving for the future with spending now

- Become aware of what's holding you back and how to intentionally move foward

Plus, You Get The Money Dashboard

1 full year included in the price. Only $140/year after that

Full Visibility

Monitor all of your finances in one place, including insurance, investments, properties, debt, etc.

Goal Tracking

Play with different goals and see what is possible. Keep yourself accountable and watch your progress.

Set Budgets

Track your spending over time and create custom budgets so you always know where your money is going.

Get Lifetime Access for a one-time Payment of $1,497
Get Lifetime Access for 3 Monthly Payments of $499

Even More Testimonials

Tim & Morgan

"Having that peace of mind of knowing we're on the right path...the stress that I didn't know was there is just taken off and I feel so much lighter and better."

Reagan & Kati

"Our accountant that did our taxes said that we probably saved ourselves close to $12,000 in taxes after my equity had vested, and that was game changing! It was worth all and more for the help you gave us."

Dallin & Erica

"Overall there's very tangible impacts like with 401(k)'s, HSA's, living trust, all these types of things...but the best impact is the confidence and peace of mind we got from knowing what we need to do at the right time."
Get Lifetime Access for a one-time Payment of $1,497
Get Lifetime Access for 3 Monthly Payments of $499

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